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Instructors teaching at Little Dunks

Tom Dymond

Tom is a well known local instructor who teaches and rides at all levels and abilities of both horse and rider. He has worked for a variety of professional riders over the years and his background has since been riding, producing, selling & competing sports horses, predominantly eventers, both of his own and for numerous owners.

He is a qualified Monty Roberts certificate holder and has set many youngsters on the path to accomplished horsemanship.  He also has experience working with remedial horses and is well known locally for his success in managing horses and ponies that can be difficult to load.

Contact Tom on 07799 887937

Tom Dymond, riding instructor

Marnie Bassi

Marnie Bassi offers tuition to riders of all ages and abilities.  She has a lifetime’s experience in the equestrian world, as a former show jumper turned eventer who has also produced young horses and ponies for many disciplines.

She has thoroughly enjoyed bringing her own children and many others through pony club and riding club to BE eventing.  She has taken them through show ponies and WHPs to HOYS; she has trained PPC teams for five years and has been teaching in the pony club for longer than she can remember.  She has run a riding school, taken part in carriage driving, played polo, participated in Western riding and Le Trec, and has followed and worked with Your Horsemanship.

Marnie provides tuition, schooling, training and sales livery.

Contact Marnie on 07825 683981

Marnie Bassi, riding instructor
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