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Little Dunkers

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Newborn lambs at Little Dunks Livery Yard

April 7, 2018

Lambing Season

The lambing season at Little Dunks is well underway with more new-borns arriving every day, including everyone’s favourites, the bottle-fed lambs.

Horse riders competing in dressage

March 11, 2018

Dressage Divas brave Bodiam in the pouring rain

Undaunted by the dismal weather, our dressage divas had a fabulous time at Bodiam today.

Horses in the snow at Little Dunks Livery Yard

February 28, 2018

Snow & extreme temperatures hit Little Dunks

In our second bout of snow this year a total of 20cm fell overnight.
Our retired horses are nice and snug though with warm rugs and lots of haylage on offer.

Christmas hacking to a local pub

December 23, 2017

Little Dunks yearly tinsel ride to the Hopbine public house

We had a great day out as usual.  Horses and riders decked out in tinsel enjoyed our Christmas hack to the pub where drinks and pizza were served in the Hopbine’s car park.  Both horses and riders were on their best behaviour throughout.

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